Life @ SPARC

SPARC is a dynamic innovation community with a geographic presence in two countries – US and India, and offices situated in 3 locations of Mumbai, Vadodara and Princeton. Our research facility at Vadodara is spread over 46000 sq.ft. with 42 labs housing 200+ scientists. Our vision is to create a culture that attracts high-quality global talent, develops passionate drug developers and creative problem solvers, and empowers them with smart toolsets. We are committed to pursuing excellence and pushing the boundaries of science. Read less

At SPARC, we value happiness and a positive work environment for our dedicated and innovative teams. We bolster a culture that celebrates diversity, encourages collaborations, and values the contribution of every individual in creating a harmonious workplace. Our reward and recognition programs are designed to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of our performers.

Encouraging a culture of transparent communication with our leadership team we promote a strong sense of unity within our organization. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone is informed, connected and inspired to take the organization to new heights/achieve new milestones in innovation. At SPARC, we are a part of supportive, inclusive and innovative community. 

We understand the power of engaged teams in driving productivity, creativity, and commitment. To cultivate strong bonds among employees, we have implemented a range of initiatives in Employee Wellness, Sports, and Recreation. These activities promote camaraderie, well-being, and a healthy work-life balance, nurturing a positive and thriving work environment.

Careers Overview

At SPARC, we are rooted in the values of Innovation, Passion, Integrity and Humility. We strive to create a transformative experience for our employees, aiming to address unmet medical needs and make a global impact on patient’s lives

We invest in our employees and are committed to help them grow both personally and professionally. We believe in a strong sense of community that enhances one’s work experience. Our collaborative and supportive culture fosters a sense of belonging, teamwork, and a shared commitment to achieving excellence. We encourage and provide an equal opportunity to all employees.

Join us and be part of a team that embraces innovation as a way of life, where your ideas have the potential to shape the future empowering you to thrive, innovate and create a lasting impact.


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