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In-licensed anti MUC-1 antibodies targeting several cancers


In-licensed Vibozilimod for treatment of auto-immune disorders


To identify inhibitors of a novel target to address PARP resistance in solid tumours

University Of Michigan

To evaluate anti-MUC-1 ADC in preclinical models

Scripps Research

To investigate the effect of SPARC NCEs on modulating autophagy and inflammasome

Sun Pharma

Out-licensed Xelpros, Vibozilimod and Sezaby

Tripoint Therapeutics

Out-licensed Elepsia 1000mg and 1500mg

UK Dementia Research Institute

To identify targets and potential modulators of proteotoxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease


Out-licensed Brimonidine and Difluprednate

Washington University

To study Abl kinase inhibitors in models of neurodegeneration

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