Pursuant to Section 125 of the Companies Act, 2013, the Company is, inter alia, required to transfer certain unclaimed / unpaid moneys lying with the Company for more than 7 (seven) years to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (‘IEPF’).

The particulars of such unclaimed / unpaid amounts, if any, which have been transferred / is to be transferred are made available herein below, which can be accessed by putting the Name of the first holder and/or the Folio No./ DP ID & Client ID in the table below.

Pursuant to IEPF Rules, any person whose unclaimed / unpaid amount have been transferred by the Company to IEPF, may claim their unclaimed / unpaid amount directly from the IEPF Authority by submitting an online application in Form IEPF-5. The said Form IEPF-5 is available on website The shareholders may write to the Company at or the Company  RTA at  for the required assistance

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